20 January 2009

To Do the Right Thing

On Election Day 2008 the VOR and I walked with all three kids in tow to vote for Barack Obama. The kids voted, we simply showed them how to do it.  

The next day #1 came home on the verge of tears;  she said kids at school were saying mean things about the President Elect.  Through teary eyes she asked: Mom and Dad did we do the right thing voting for Barack Obama?  We responded yes.

Today in a little under two hours when the President Elect becomes the 44th President I will be saying to #1 "Yes sweetheart, we did the right thing."


I had planned to watch the events at the house but the VOR is having a La Leche League meeting there.  I usually try to stay as far away as possible during those events (the cnn and facebook venue is working out quite well).  

What American today does want this nation to be great and to continue on the path to a more perfect union?

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