16 January 2009


Potty Training Update. #3 has adjusted to wearing big boy underpants and has had a few successful moments.

(Yes that is George Jones playing on my ipod)

The NY Times crossword puzzle holds a special place in our household. The VOR and I scheme each morning (M-W, Th-Sun we just look at and marvel) to get the Arts section first. Our love of the puzzle has passed down to the kids in different ways: #1 likes to read the puzzle; #2 took the puzzle into school the other day for his black and white object (I thought that was pretty clever of him); but #3 takes the cake - yesterday evening while he was "training" I found him doing this:

In other news. It seems the rush of New Years gym joiners has subsided. While preparing to leave the gym the other day I overheard the woman at the front desk say 251 people joined after Jan. 1 - get this 100 them joined online. I am all for the comfort and ease of online shopping and what not - but can you really join a gym online? Odds are if you cannot or will not find the time to go to the physical plant to sign up you are not going to actively go there on a regular basis. The first week of the year the gym was packed. Now the gym is pretty sparse. I may not like the large crowds but I do wish more people would stick with their desire to get in shape and change their lifestyle. The real kicker is January weather, this morning at 5:12 it was 6 in the driveway, 4 at the end of the road and 0 when I parked in the lot at the gym. Hard to get motivated when it is 0 outside and the covers are so warm!

Finally. Earlier this week the VOR suggested we have fried chicken for dinner (a meal we have not had for some time). I love fried chicken, so there was no argument from me. I know that I Gourmet will never count me as one of their food photographers but I do like to think of myself as part-time amateur food photographer understudy. here is the best I could do, I hope it does some justice to the wonderful meal that night:
On a food side note the best wine surprise in a good while: a petite shiraz

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