26 January 2009

A Few Random Tidbits

1.  The VOR's facebook group is now up to 47 members (even folk from Canada have joined!).  My group is static.  Therefore, I am using the bully pulpit of my blog to plea with readers of this blog who also happen to have a facebook account to join my group: I'll Be Disappointed if God's Voice Does Not Sound Like Johnny Cash.  I do not think it will work, but it is worth a shot.
2.  I noticed today, for the first time, as I exited the gym that there is a huge, almost five gallon, tub of Tootsie Rolls - free for the taking- right before the door.  Doesn't is kind of defeat the purpose of working out and burning calories if you shovel in a handful of Tootsie Rolls right before you leave?  And the thing is I love tootsie rolls (not as much as my former postmaster sister-in-law loves them but I do love them nonetheless).  I am just lucky there is not a tub of Monty's Corners, then I would be in real trouble.  (For those who never went to Monty's Pizza in Huntington, WV they would cut their pieces in such a fashion so that there were several 45 degree angled pieces.  I would hoard them.)
3.  Good to learn that Joe is back at blogging (I am calling him up so he can report with the pitchers and catchers).
4.  I do not know what Will Shortz was thinking this morning by picking such Wednesday puzzle for Monday - uggh.

Off to make some Chicken Stock - a nice thing to do on a day off...

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