22 January 2009

a few small things

1.  I received a letter from my Retirement Board yesterday.  Here is the line:
In a few weeks you will receive your 4th Quarter Statement and, a few weeks later, your Annual Benefits Statement.  We know that the results will be sobering...
2.  Yesterday while waiting outside of #1's school I was able to confirm that last week I did indeed see an automobile on fire.  (That was the second one that week).
3.  Potty training for #3 is going better than expected - although the VOR is completely exhausted by the time I get home from work.
4.  I am 2/3rds of the way through an NT Wright book and I am getting tired of his constant referrals of his own work.  
5.  Fascinating discussion on New Orleans on the Open Source with Christopher Lydon podcast
6.  Facebook friends update, Me: 87.  VOR: 125.
7.  Today for a lunch meeting I had an Award Winning sandwich: Grilled Cheese with bacon, avocado, tomato, dijon mustard.  Odd how I always forget about how wonderful a grilled cheese sandwiches can be for lunch.
8.  Anyone ever heard of an Appalachian tradition called Breaking Up Christmas?  A fellow from Cape Cod told me about it yesterday.
9.  Joe: baseball, cooking, and books -  those are holy subjects too in my house.
10.  Everyone - Ron is back to blogging. 
11.  It was a recording, just like a gentleman from fiddle class suggested!

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