30 October 2005

Chocolate Chip Muffin

One of the world's most sinful pleasures on a Sunday morning: Chocolate Chip Muffins. I prefer the kind made with cake flour, almost like angel food cake. Bread and More makes a mean muffin and one that draws me in with its tractor beam (sp?). Enough already, time to celebrate.

Bread Update

The bread turned out okay, pictures coming later on. It was not as light as I expected, the crust did not get as thick as I wanted, and the floured linen towels did not prevent a crust. But I felt satisfied for the first time in baguette land.

Reformation Sunday

In 'bout thirty minutes worship will begin. Today we celebrate 174 years of ministry, honor longtime members and rededicate the sanctuary. The choir just finished rehersing A MightY Fortress Is Our God, the revised version. It is Reformation Sunday a Sunday like any other, except the cool weather and some folk are dressed up more than usual. The church is a great place but I wonder how far off the mark we are, or are we closer than we think? The church has a country club feel, but what one doesn't? Scattered throughout North America small congregations, along with bigger sized monsters will meet all thinking what? Today I hope that folk will simply think they are trying, they are honest and doing the best they can. Today I hope congregations remain faithful, just the faith of a mustard seed. Is that too much to ask? I dunno. Reformation thoughts.

29 October 2005

Baguette Saturday

On Saturdays I like to make bread, today I am going to try a French Baguette. I will attempting this baguette. The chef who made them Danielle Forestier made a real impression on me. I liked her professionalism and technique. I sometimes think that if I werent a pastor I would like to be a bread baker. I'll have results later on.

My promised thoughts on Anglicanism

At heart you could call me a closet Anglican, from a distance. I love the liturgy, the rich history and the appreciative link between scholarship and the local church. Although I use and appreciate the Book of Common Prayer, its history as a forced book for "Common Prayer" throughout England during the Island Reformation till gets under my skin. I also love believer's baptism and contextual worship. At the end of the day I love Anglicanism, but not enough to marry it. I'll stay baptist.

I've ofter wondered if "baptist" is better thought of as a movement rather than a denomination. Could one be in the baptist movement and be Anglican? I dunno, perhaps. This would free many baptist pastors. One guy is trying to find a more via media. I find myself just your run of the mill baptist pastor with a great appreciation of historic Christianity and E.

The Need for a Nemesis

A few days ago the wife was talking about her nemesis, a woman here in town. She is the anti-(insert wife's name). As she talked I realized how we all need a nemesis in lifel, someone who forces us to hone our thoughts and ideas and someone who we can always focus our anger on. Unfortunately I have yet to find my nemesis but I am sure there is an anti-theobilly out there. The snotty Anglican (a bit redundant I know) comes close, but I think Hawk is alright.

28 October 2005

The Continual Need of Anglican Reformation

More comments will follow on this topic, perhaps later tonight. Until then it will suffice for you to view this blog.

27 October 2005


This blog is my response to the death of a friend, Daniel Champion. His blog gave his daily comments on life as a husband, student, pastor and human being with cancer. Dan died this summer. I received news of his death from the phone call of a friend and Dan's wife via the blog. I flew to Pittsburg, met some friends and drove to Youngstown for the funeral. It was a painful and beautiful funeral. Painful and Beautiful to speak and give witness to the man who touched so many.
The comments you read will never touch the depth and quality of Dan's. But they are here as a memorial to one of the funniest, most creative and sweetest souls I have known. Peace be with you brother.
Dan's blog continues; his wife now gives the view of life as a widow.

Judicial Qualifications

Today Harriet Miers withdrew her name for consideration for the Supreme Court. Many stated she did not have the "material" to sit on the bench. I ask why not? Critics said she did not possess a thick understanding of constitutional law, how many of us do? Perhaps a bit of ambiguity and ignorance is a good thing. Look at the folk we elect for the Congress, how many of them are qualified? Look at our President, a man definitely underqualified. Okay, maybe it is not a good thing to have an under qualified judge. Today at 1:55PM I withdraw the comments offered above.

Why I read the NY Times

I have a hard time reconciling my Appalachian upbring and reading the NY Times, it seems like a yuppie exercise. But some pretty interesting folk have come from my area: Mary Lee Settle, Leon Sullivan, Breece D'J Pancake, and some others. So I read the paper anyway. The main impetus for reading it came from Randall Robinson. You may remember his hunger strike in the Clinton years; almost killing himself. He came to Marshall University while I was a junior and spoke. Afterwards I moseyed up to thank him and asked some kind of question about world news and current events. He stopped and implored me to keep informed and read the NY Times. Then in seminary, the director of Field Ed, told us the story about a preaching class Gardner Taylor taught. Rev. Taylor told the students to do two things: one, read the NY Times for sentence structure; two, watch me. Last Spring Rev. Taylor spoke at the Spring Convocation of CRCDS. He was amazing. So now all gentrified I read the NY Times. Plus I love the crossword puzzle.

26 October 2005

Selected out of the NYTimes

A couple weeks or so ago the NYTimes came up with a new gimmick to pay for its news, Times Select. I love reading the NYTimes. But I cant justify paying the 290 bucks for home delivery. $290, that is at least 12 books, 24 12 packs, 15 bottles of good quality French table wines, a used Gravely cultivator, etc. But here is the crux for me: I am already paying for the NYTimes! I counted no less than 16 ads on the main page. The advertisers arent given complimentary space. And yet they still want to charge me to read a Maureen Dowd piece, come on NYT. Have you noticed how the most emailed columns rarely include a "Select' piece? There is a reason for that. instead of David Brooks up at the top we get a piece on how White House Counsel is asking The Onion to stop using the presidential seal.

24 October 2005

Blog Consummated

For the past few weeks I have been threatening to start my own blog. Today I finally got around to it and here you go. Hope y'all enjoy.