29 October 2005

My promised thoughts on Anglicanism

At heart you could call me a closet Anglican, from a distance. I love the liturgy, the rich history and the appreciative link between scholarship and the local church. Although I use and appreciate the Book of Common Prayer, its history as a forced book for "Common Prayer" throughout England during the Island Reformation till gets under my skin. I also love believer's baptism and contextual worship. At the end of the day I love Anglicanism, but not enough to marry it. I'll stay baptist.

I've ofter wondered if "baptist" is better thought of as a movement rather than a denomination. Could one be in the baptist movement and be Anglican? I dunno, perhaps. This would free many baptist pastors. One guy is trying to find a more via media. I find myself just your run of the mill baptist pastor with a great appreciation of historic Christianity and E.

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Tripp Hudgins said...

Pastor TheoBilly,

Thanks for the link. It is generous of you. I'm going to link to this post. It is fantastic.

I often think of us as being displaced Anglicans. It is a worthwhile endeavor, I think.