26 October 2005

Selected out of the NYTimes

A couple weeks or so ago the NYTimes came up with a new gimmick to pay for its news, Times Select. I love reading the NYTimes. But I cant justify paying the 290 bucks for home delivery. $290, that is at least 12 books, 24 12 packs, 15 bottles of good quality French table wines, a used Gravely cultivator, etc. But here is the crux for me: I am already paying for the NYTimes! I counted no less than 16 ads on the main page. The advertisers arent given complimentary space. And yet they still want to charge me to read a Maureen Dowd piece, come on NYT. Have you noticed how the most emailed columns rarely include a "Select' piece? There is a reason for that. instead of David Brooks up at the top we get a piece on how White House Counsel is asking The Onion to stop using the presidential seal.

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Rev. Elihu Smails III said...

I want to know how many people were as pissed about this as we are. Lame. Love blogging. Glad to get my daily dose of GTN.