09 November 2009

A Catch Up Post

Life in the New city is starting to feel normal. (I especially like the new normal: shorts in November!) I was even able to make some bread the other day (only after ordering the yeast online, for a food city the grocery stores are disappointing). Turned out pretty good.

I coupled it with a cheese tray with fruit and sweet potato fries. Moving on...there was the birthday ice cream pie the VOR made, amazing:

Then there was halloween:

Furthermore, some great finds at the seminary library booksale:


Ron's Thots said...

I just happennd upon your old/new site. Glad to see you blogging again, and I enjoy the pics. Wish I could be there at the end of January, but it is the last weekend of filing for office up here, and I am a mite busy at that time until May.

I love the pics of the church. I have over the years often visited the web site of St. Charles. My daughter, who is a 1st year Med student at WVU is coming to NO during Spring Break next year to do some community work. She is very active in such things, and WVU requires at least 100 hours of such during Medical school (Good thing really to require. Too bad some of the Docs don't keep that attitude for the rest of their years.)

Ron's Thots said...
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