27 October 2009

Alright, alright

I tried, I really did. I created a new blog but I never felt comfortable with the new format, even though I find blogger lacking in many respects I like it.

What to share...the ubiquitous sightings and offerings of alcohol in the Big Easy, the gargantuan portion sizes of food, my personal quest to the city's best pulled pork bbq, the fact that all of my clothes are tight, my new commuter bicycle, not being able to wing a sermon anymore, how much I miss New England, wondering what my late father would think of this place, a possible book I am working on, getting used to having people around when I work, serendipitous book readings, that I could not find instant yeast in any grocery store and had to order it online, surprises of having kids in Catholic school, the air conditioner kicking on in October, bananas growing in my neighbor's yard, that my wife dressed up as a witch and rode her bicycle to my daughter's school, my desire to smoke cigars, new found love of fountain pens and thick French paper, that I seem to have lost my favorite bible, how we go through a tank of gas in one week just driving around the city, that my computer crashed (without the aid of a Rolling Rock), that our kids prefer jazz music to kids music, that I love my kids now more than ever, that I am tired of facebook but at the same time I am addicted to it, that I really want to play a game of croquet. All of this and more, but I'll wait and let it settle before I begin