14 July 2013

11 Years and Counting...

Not a marriage anniversary, we've been hitched now for 16 years, nope this is an ordination anniversary.  11 years ago on July 14th on a hot semi-sultry afternoon in a downtown American Baptist Church in Rochester, NY an assembly gathered for my ordination.  The assembly included family: my folks, my sister, my nephews, my wife and daughter; friends: Dan, Chad, & Rich; colleagues: too many to name; church folk: Lake Avenue Baptist, Baptist Temple, and even two guests from Lime Rock Baptist.

I look back on that day and think what special day it was.  The last time I saw Bob and Dan and Harry alive, the only time that many of my friends and family were all together, the last time I had a WV address, & etc.  The sermon, I can still hear Peter's words.  Jim's prayer, I can still feel his hands on my head.  Bob's charge, seems even more sapient.  I can hear Dan reading from Fosdick's autobiography, Rich reading from Rauschenbusch, and Chad reading from Merton, my sister reading from Paul (or was it Jeremiah?), Lori with Senny on her hip delivering the blessing, and I can see Carol and Lois smiling.  They are all with me today.

To the great cloud of witnesses thanks.