30 October 2005

Reformation Sunday

In 'bout thirty minutes worship will begin. Today we celebrate 174 years of ministry, honor longtime members and rededicate the sanctuary. The choir just finished rehersing A MightY Fortress Is Our God, the revised version. It is Reformation Sunday a Sunday like any other, except the cool weather and some folk are dressed up more than usual. The church is a great place but I wonder how far off the mark we are, or are we closer than we think? The church has a country club feel, but what one doesn't? Scattered throughout North America small congregations, along with bigger sized monsters will meet all thinking what? Today I hope that folk will simply think they are trying, they are honest and doing the best they can. Today I hope congregations remain faithful, just the faith of a mustard seed. Is that too much to ask? I dunno. Reformation thoughts.

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Rev. Elihu Smails III said...

Country clubs and churches: places to go check out funny looking pants.