13 January 2009

The Search for Authenticity

I suppose the title of this post may very well be the second part of this week's sermon title, first part: Water is Thicker than Blood. (Last Sunday's service was canceled due to snow, just about every January we end up canceling a service due to the white stuff. Back in the day when I was glued to the lectionary I would have to swallow the sermon and move onto the next set of lessons, but I am going on with the sermon - I would say it is like a rain delay of a baseball game; the game goes on but the lineup changes a bit). Moving on to this post.

The Boston Sunday Globe had a great piece this week about Rhetoric, specifically President Elect Barack Obama's (blogger has yet to enter Barack Obama in their correct spelling program!) use of rhetoric or the classical employment of public speaking. The article continued to give me hope for those of us who write sermons for a good part of our living.

Why did this article give me sermonic hope? Words matter. Well crafted sentences can move people. Well thought metaphors can provide pictures for the mind/soul during a sermon. Words, communication, interaction in the form of a sermon do matter.

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