27 January 2009


I was not going to post anymore this evening but this reminded me of something I have been wanting to post.  

A year ago tomorrow I walked into the local swanky coffee shop (which I call my Providence based office) and waited till the fellow behind the counter asked what kind of coffee I wanted this day.  I pretended to be considering all the options: french roast, american roast, full city roast...when I finally asked, with a straight face, "do you have any that taste like Folgers?"  My question floored him, he wanted to laugh but my earnest eyes told him he couldn't.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and began to laugh too.  

Tomorrow, try it for yourself.  Go to your local hip coffee shop and ask for a cup of Sanka or ask for something like Folgers, you know mountain grown and see what reaction you get.  

1 comment:

Woody said...

Your on...Nothing like a tease of a 17 year old barista who takes pouring mud in a cup too serious.