24 January 2009

Facebook Adventures: Second Edition

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my experience on Facebook, since then not much has changed the VOR continues to overfriend me and today she has even overgrouped me.  

A few weeks ago I started a just for fun group: I'll Be Disappointed if God's Voice Does Not Sound like Johnny Cash, to date (after four weeks) 14 people have joined.  The VOR even sent out invitations to some of her friends (I believe two joined because of her efforts).  Last night as the VOR was reminiscing about her college days she created a group: I've Been to the Wheel...One too Many Times.  (For those who never spent time at the Baptist college Alderson-Broaddus lemme explain.  A-B is a dry campus  (I believe the college even owns one or two of the liquor licenses in the town).  If one felt so inclined for a golden beverage there are two choices: Lil Moe's - a downtown pub (not a bad choice), or a real sawdust joint: The Wheel (as my late father would say about a place like The Wheel, I've been thrown in better places.")  

As a side note: the thought of the VOR (the proper baptist gal from Scott Depot) "partying" at The Wheel is quite an imaginative process.  

Anyway - The VOR's group now (not even after 24 hours since its inception) has 26 members.  And get this, she did not even invite half of the people who joined!  Some of her friends invited their friends!  Oh well, I suppose this is another example of how small facebook makes introverts feel :(  To make matters even worse, she didn't even invite me.  She responded: you didn't even go The Wheel (I did spend my freshman year at A-B).  True, I did not go to The Wheel but it would have been nice to have been invited.

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