14 January 2009

No Holds Barred

Today is a big day in my household: first day of potting training. #3 was apprehensive to put on cloth training pants or as we referred to them as big boy underpants but seems to have taken to them (so I am told). Of course I am at the office writing this while the VOR is in the theatre of operations.

The day causes me to recall a Fresh Air interview a while ago with Jon Katz. Katz talked on and on about his time with dogs and his training of them. He claimed to have came up with a method to house train a dog in a matter of days. I thought the method was pure genius. His method got me thinking, would it work with small humans? I then got out a pen and paper and configured an equation for dog years to human years then dog days to human days. I concluded that I should be able to successfully potty train my kids in approximately 23 days. One day I was sharing this information with a veterinarian, the vet looked at me and said it would never work - not because of the method but due to my formula. The vet said dog years are not uniform throughout their lives, some years are more than 7 and some are less and that it would be impossible to accurately determine a days length in dog years while the dog was still a puppy. Oh well, you cannot blame me for trying.

If you are ever in need of the greatest books on dogs, this is it.

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darin said...

I'm not sure which was more frustrating or time consuming, potty training or the training of the puppy that we got the boys for Christma. Everybody said a rat terrier would be smart, but so far he smart enough to keep crappin in the house only to have my wife tell him what a good dog he is ( I guess for goin in the kitchen instead of the living room. Not much difference if you asked me)
so if you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.