27 January 2009

Kingdom Work

First of all  lemme say thanks to the swell of people (5 of you) who heeded my plea for  membership to my facebook group: I'll Be Disappointed If God's Voice Does Not Sound Like Johnny Cash.  We are now up 19, unfortunately the VOR's group is gaining at a record clip, her group  now is up to 57 members.  {A few years ago a family member (kind of) proclaimed he was saved.  When  I heard of this I asked for papers and eye witnesses!}  I suppose I may have to ask for some kind of documentation for some of VOR's group members - what court would I file this in? who would conduct the recount? would I have to pay for the legal fees?

In a short while a small but dedicated of old ladies will join me for a morning Bible Study.  When I first started the study was held at a local nursing home.  I used to conduct Bible Study as if it were a lecture on Biblical interpretation, they would patiently listen, then nod off, then wake up near the end (I then ordered the staff to only serve regular coffee, no decaf.  This worked until someone complained about a "reaction" with her medications - not really.  But I did threaten to switch the labels if they did not stay awake).  

Eventually the study moved back to the church and I retooled the format.  Now it is a half hour free for all: politics, town  news, gossip (the rule is that all gossip is permitted as long as it does not pertain to church members or is slanderous), aches and pains (they have to be new and not pre-existing, and usual complaints about the weather forecast.  We then follow-up with about a half hour of Bible Study - we are now studying the book of James.

How is this Kingdom work?  When you read the gospels or any part of the New Testament I am sure you notice lots of things.  But have you ever  noticed what is not there?  The NT as a whole is pretty short and does not cover the usual goings-on of daily life.  Therefore, I take this innocent and somewhat boring bible study as kingdom work.  Two or three are gathered (even if one is usually asleep or forgets their hearing aids), coffee is poured, heartaches and dreams are shared, we laugh, we sometimes cry and we are all drawn closer to God and to each other by the study of The Good Book.  To me that is Kingdom work.


hawk said...

Emily invited a friend to join the Johnny Cash group, but her friend declined because the friend hopes that God's voice will sound like Aretha Franklin.

G. Travis Norvell said...

Fr. Hawk,

Many thanks for the help in recruitment! What about the folk from Ireland, the First Lady's friends?

thanks again. Any bit of help is deeply appreciated.