01 March 2008

Obama in RI

The doors to Senator Obama's event opened about 29 minutes ago.  I suspect the candidate will arrive in about a half an hour to deliver a speech.  I am surprised his campaign picked RIC, rather than the Dunkin Donuts Center or the RI Convention Center or a venue at Brown.  I suppose they were looking at accessibility, parking and ease of direction.  I also think they are hoping to "rub it in" on Senator Clinton, she spoke in the same arena last week to about 2000 people.  I am sure the Obama campaign is hoping to double that number!

The Washington Post had a nice article on Lil' Rhody's place in the election.

In other news 12 down and 88 to go. I am four books off my pace.  I need to read 10 books this month and next month.  Although Easter falls later on this month, that translates into a busy and hectic Holy Week, I do believe I can read 10 this month.  I am very interested how the path of this journey has taken.  Some books friends have given me, some were books I started but never finished, some are ones I see referred to in footnotes, while others, like the one I am reading now, The Lighthouse at the End of the World, are happenstance (while reading Mr. Marlowe's obituary in the NYTimes I noticed a historical work he wrote on Edgar Allan Poe, so I checked it out yesterday to give myself a detective break), then there are works I find just by perusing the stacks at the library (I like to find a section I like then just sit down and start looking).  On a side note, I am convinced of a conspiracy by most theological libraries against me; it seems every book I want to locate is on the bottom shelf - the libraries know I am an ex-catcher and that my knees pop every time I squat).   88 to go, a big number but smaller than 100 though.

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