23 March 2008

The Day of Resurrection Post

This morning was a grand day, the church in bloom (although I am allergic to Easter lillies), kids were all dressed up (#2 had to be forced to wear his new pants, shirt, shoes and sweater), the VOR looked very amative in her new outfit, and the pews were packed.  

A few reports from the worship service to report.

1.  (Most of the children sit on the front left hand, my left hand, in the front - you need to know this for the story).   After I went through Paul's words of institution and broke the bread I heard a soft and quiet question emerge from the front left hand pew: "did you wash your hands?"  I tried to keep it together but could not. 

2.  After communion and the prayer of blessing for the meal we partook, the boy sitting next to the boy who asked if I washed my hands raised his hand and asked if the service was over yet.  Almost I responded, almost...

3.  A deacon left out a bowl of those small irresistable Cadbury candy coated chocolate eggs for me.  What love, what love.

Other news.

Today is Family Member's birthday.  If you go here you can read about his latest legal adventures.  We called to sing him happy birthday, #1 sang and said happy birthday, #2 played the castanet then said happy birthday in mouse (mouse "squeaks" are now #2's backup method of communication).  

Easter Bunny report:
Sometime last night the easter bunny arrived at our house.  He left a jelly bean trail throughout the house, his eggs all over the living room and a nice basket of candy.  Interestingly no Peeps this year -- apparently the VOR has a weakness for hardened Peeps, oh well.  

If I didn't know who the Easter bunny really was I would be inclined to think the Easter bunny was a bit besotted, why?  Sometime around 2:00am last night something knocked over the recycleables canister, bumped into the house and moaned (more than likely it was our neighbors dog or cat).  

Picture of the day:


On assumptions: #1 and #2 both received chocolate bunnies in their baskets.  While I was talking to my mother this afternoon I listed all of contents of their baskets and mentioned chocolate bunnies.  #2 said what, where is my chocolate bunnies?  I said it was the bunny in the gold foil.  Oh he said.  Before I told him he was scooting the bunny around playing with it - the VOR and I just assumed they would know the bunnies were chocolate bunnies and not toys.

On taking revenge: the virus the boys had the other night was passed onto #2 and myself.  The VOR believes she has pinpointed the exact family we contracted the virus from, around 5pm I am gathering an unruly mob to go and egg their house, you are welcome to join us...


Ron's Thots said...

It seems that your whole family had a very blessed Easter. I always enjoy the beauty of the Easter celebration, but I am so very tired.

I am ready for a long nap, and a few days of rest.

G. Travis Norvell said...


glad to hear y'all had a good Easter. I would love for Easter Monday to be a national holiday, a national day for pastors to sleep in and/or take a long afternoon nap.