16 March 2008


This afternoon the VOR took #1 to a birthday party, leaving me with #2 and #3 - no big deal, #3 slept till 4 and #2 and I built trains for a good amount of time.  Once #3 woke up the men went out for some ice cream.  When we returned home the boys began to start work on a train track. Once they worked for a spell they were ready for a snack, I fixed some apple juice and nuts.  After #2 was finished with his juice I heard the empty cup land firmly on the table, he let out a small belch and then said to #3 come on we got work to do (referring to the unfinished train track).

I took the boys to a local ice cream shop, I love their dutch chocolate, #2 loves their Oreo.  We also love their door handle.  Here is #2 showing off his favorite store feature:

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