04 March 2008


All five members of the family piled into the mini-van and headed over to St. Basil's to vote (3 out of the 4 polling places in my town were at Catholic Churches - I found that odd; what about the people who are uncomfortable with church?  At our polling place we walked in and were greeted with pictures of Syrian Archbishops, Pope Benedict along with icons, stained glass and the like).  

#1 & #2 were excited to vote for delegates according to their gender.  

There was a line to vote, but only for those whose last names began with letters of the first 1/3 of the alphabet.  There was definitely an increase of voters, at the same time four year ago during the primary  I was the 79th person to vote, today I was the 760th person to vote!    

VT closes at 7:30, Ohio at 8:00, early voting results from TX at 9 along with RI polls.  

Luckily I will be leading the contemplative prayer group at church from 7-8, my mind will be elsewhere.

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