30 March 2008

Low Sunday & Pastoral Stories just waiting to be on Prairie Home Companion

For five years I have referred to the Sunday after Easter as Low Sunday, it is not a theobilly original, in fact I believe it is an actual liturgical name. Yet every year folk snicker like they have never heard the phrase. But it is low b/c of attendance and low b/c there is no way you can match the aura of Easter. The VOR and the kids took the Sunday off too.

After church we had eggs, bacon, fried toast and waffles!!! Then the VOR took some books to a family up the road (the same family that had us over for Easter the dinner, the same family we infected with N.E.V. - take our last name and then add Easter Virus, the family gave it that name, not us). When the VOR came home I went up to the cd shop for a couple of new purchases: the new Billy Joe Shaver and Saxophone Colossus by Sonny Rollins for me and Detours by Sheryl Crow for the VOR. I haven't been to the music shop for some time, especially on a weekend day, I was caught off guard by the amount of people actually shopping for music, the dude with a blue mohawk and all the dudes in black jeans - not dungarees but some type of thinner black pants. I suppose that look will always be with us.

The other day it occurred to me, the longer I stay at the church the longer I notice that a majority of stuff that happens should be on the News from Lake Woebegon section of Prairie Home Companion. Has anyone else ever had a parishioner have an upheaval of flatulence during a contemplative prayer service?

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