03 March 2008

Morning Observations

I have often wondered if the monthly investment of $25  for M-F delivery of the NYTimes is to my advantage or disadvantage.  Disadvantage b/c I am always quoting some article; b/c sections of the paper end up in every room of the house; b/c by Wednesday I am infuriated with Will Shortz for his progressively difficult daily crossword strategy.  Advantage b/c I am informed of world and national events; b/c of the references to books, movies, music; b/c a completion of the crossword brings me 4 down and 3 across loads of enjoyment.  

Then I read an article like this, which forces me to bundle up (like this morning when it was 19 outside) strap the ipod in the arm band and take off.  As the morning jog wound down, I paused The Clash (something about their rhythm and my step works for me) and first off noticed a dove landing (is that the correct word?) in a tree.  I realized why the Holy Spirit is always referred to as a dove and say...well not a blue jay, or a crow or a hawk.  The dove quite frankly is one of the most graceful flying birds around.  How would our picture of the Holy Spirit change if the biblical writers preferred a crow?  Second observation, a fox.  It has been a good piece since we last saw each other (going on two years now).  He crossed the road, stopped looked at me, then darted into the woods, which brings me to my last observation.  Third, it is quite a sound to hear trees awaken.  I have noticed on my Sunday morning walks the peculiar sounds of locust trees expanding as they pound and eek.  

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