05 March 2008

Well Now

The results from last night were surprising.  All of my predictions were for nil, which is not that surprising.  What will happen next, who knows.  I still want to concentrate on the environment.  I do not think Senator Obama  will challenge the Big Coal, his environmental and energy policies call for the expansion of "clean" coal fired electric plants.  I cannot support that.  I cannot see Senator Clinton challenging the coal companies, you may recall Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's trip to WV when he stood on top of Mountain Top Removal site and proclaimed what a wonderful site it was!  The stances of the Democrats brings up the position of Senator McCain, who may well be more "green" than his Senate colleagues who are running on the Democratic ticket.  What an odd predicament.  


However, the contemplative prayer group last night went well.  We dove again into prayer and were surprised at what emerged.  Two great resources, check out the World Community for Christian Meditation.  The other, one of the greatest ins and outs of prayer, Primary Speech by Ann Ulanov - thanks to Dr. Burg for that reference.

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