09 March 2008

The Blue Monster

Sometime around Wednesday the VOR came down with an odd illness (it is now passing).  She took some medication but it knocked her out; so I was on advanced dad duty, which is no big deal but #3 was on a sleeping protest/strike/boycott, resulting in a high degree of sleep deprivation which resulted in #1 almost missing the bus on Friday morning (time lapse on my part), #1 almost missing Irish Step Dancing on Saturday (I did not know #1 did not like leggings), and needless to say the house was a wreck.  I did manage to take #1 and #2 to the concert on Friday night, true to form #2 fell asleep after the second song - live music makes him sleepy; sometime around the 7th selection I closed my eyes to feel the music, only to be awakened by the clapping at the end of the song.  

After holding #3 so much a nerve was pinched in my right arm causing sharp jolts of pain and numbness for much of the weekend.  You may ask, how did I make it through the weekend?  Surely I overdosed on coffee, no.  Then I must have been in some kind of nirvana-esque state of mind, no.  What got me through the weekend?  I'll tell ya:  little milk chocolate eggs covered in a candy shell, made by Hershey but with rights retained by Cadbury, you know the delicious little eggs the supermarkets place on the shelves for Easter morning.  Yelp, a whole bag of em got me through the weekend.  

Now as a matter of insight: The VOR was extremely ill and had an allergic reaction to the medicine causing extreme lethargy, yet she had it together enough to point out the whereabouts and existence of my first gray hair, interesting.  

No typed manuscript this morning, more of a chord progression than a written notes - eye contact at a premium, visualizing the text and slowly praying the scriptures allowed for a more mellow sermon, to my surprise (split infinitives dispensation granted by local grammatical bishop) it went over well.

Font of the week: Goudy Old Style

Picture of the day, #3 after he had some blueberry smoothie:

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