18 March 2008

Couple of Minor Issues

1.  It has been a full 63 hours since the Church's St. Patrick's Day Supper, i.e. corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, carrots, soda bread, desserts, and the table of Irish Coffee.  I mention this because 63 hours is not an adequate passage of time to disseminate the stench of cooked cabbage! Some Episcopalians and some Catholics have incense; we Baptists of Celtic roots have cooked cabbage!  The Sunday following the dinner is really horrendous, you walk into the sanctuary (which is directly above the dining hall - by the way my office is directly above the kitchen) and a wave of sulfurish odor almost knocks you down.  Luckily yoga was canceled last night b/c the instructor was ill, can you imagine practicing deep breathing with that smell!  

Nevertheless it the corned beef was the best we have ever had, it was tender, lean and tasted like pot roast!  The main chef cooked 73lbs. of corned beef and a bushel of cabbage, a bushel of cabbage.

2.  Dr. Burg, Ladyburg's spouse, has opened up a new resource blog: newbooksmell.  If you have a moment check it out.  

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