17 March 2008

The 2008 Visit of the Leprechaun

The children awoke this morning to find green pee in the toilet (#1 would not use the bathroom until we flushed the green urination down the toilet), green milk in the frig, green water on the counter, books opened, glitter everywhere, teddy bear with spiderman pajamas, hannah montana doll sitting a candle holder, a train track built around the bar stools, hats hanging from the ceiling fan, golden nuggets and various other mistubus (#2's first rendering of mischievous a couple of years ago).  The VOR and I cannot get over how much they enjoy the yearly visit by the leprechaun.


Woody said...

Too funny...

Katy was actually doubting the existence of santa when she found a tuft of his hair in the fire place screen and sooty boot prints on the floor.


Ron's Thots said...

I love the leprechaun visits. Many years ago on St. Pat's Day the leprechauns left a package in a hosptial in Middletown, Ct. The gift left for a proud set of parents would later become my "VOR".

Every year on St. Pat's Day she gets a bouquet of green flowers and creme horns (her favorite junk food).

G. Travis Norvell said...

The kids asked how come there was no golden coins, i.e. candy, we said the Easter Bunny and the Leprechaun struck a deal since Easter was so close to St. Patrick's Day this year. They were totally satisfied with that answer. #2 is convinced the leprechaun is going to return any day now and he was devised a method to catch him.

I think green flowers and creme horns are more pleasing and satisfying for a birthday present than corned beef and cabbage!