28 March 2008

Friday Fun

Today #2 and I had a boys day out.  We started by going to Seven Stars Bakery for lunch; they make a croissant with ham baked inside of it to die for.  I keep calling around lunch asking for them but they are always out.  Today I asked again, they finally told me that they bring them out first thing in the morning but can only have them out till noon, ah-ha!

After lunch we headed down to the Providence Public Library for their book sale, it was low key by my standards.  I did pick up La Cuisine Chantraine, recipes from a restaurant in Brussels.  Nothing like a book with recipes for Chicken livers, stock that calls for the feet of animals, etc.  I like cookbooks pre-Eisenhower because they had ingredients and ways of cooking that seem worlds away.  If you go to your local meat shop now, you cannot acquire knuckle bones, ox tails, chicken feet, sometimes you can get some organs but not likely.  Why is this the case?  Next time you have some spare time ask the meat shop when the big truck arrives.  Go that day/morning and you will see meat pre-packaged.  Big sides of beef do not come off the truck.  I read old cookbooks b/c it makes me think about a time that has passed but one that I hope will return.

No posts tomorrow - the wife is going to the regional La Leche League meeting, the first in her new role as district advisor.  I will be at home with #s 1-3.  It will only be for 12 hours, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

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