28 February 2008

Bubba is in RI

Although I prefer the formal addresses of people I do not know on a first name basis, I could not help typing in Bubba.  I remember after he was first elected I went into the newsstand in my hometown and saw a magazine called Our Bubba, an entire magazine based on President Clinton.  I do not know if it was a multi-issued publication or a once in a lifetime publication, shortly after my stop in the newsstand, it closed.  

While writing my sermon I heard a jet go over the church, I ran outside and easily identified the private leer jet as the one carrying former President William Jefferson Clinton.  So I hopped in the truck and drove three minutes due north to the North Central Airport to see him and the plane.  The secret service detail, which was not all that strong, would not let us stand at the fence. I then drove to the main entrance and through a crack in two buildings easily had a nice view of the plane and the exiting steps/ramp.  I just wanted to see the plane and secret service detail, I'm not that interested in hearing President Clinton speak.  Although I would have liked to have seen him at the New Baptist Celebration event in Atlanta.

President Clinton is going to speak at Bryant University, a private business college in Smithfield, RI.  When I read that he was going to speak there I couldn't figure out why, then it hit me, the close proximity of the airport.  All the events in RI thus far have been at stops near the airport.  Although all have gone into Providence for a meeting of some sort.  Saturday Senator Obama will be here, where and when have yet to be released.  

I am predicting that RI will vote for Obama, even though all the polls say otherwise.  Why do I say this?  The only signs I have seen in my town, which has and is a traditionally Republican town, are Obama.  I know it is a great jump to extrapolate from my town to the entire state but I think I am onto something here.  If the college kids, unions and other Dems vote Obama I cannot see Senator Clinton winning here in this state.   I also make this prediction based on #1 going around the house practicing her correct annunciation of Ba-rak O-ba-ma.  

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