03 February 2008


While I was preaching this morning I believed I heard the church phone ring. After the service one of the Sunday School teachers told me she answered it and that it was the post office with a special express package. I *69 the number and called the postal work back, she said she could drop the package off later this afternoon. I had a hunch what it was, my hunch was confirmed at 2:52 this afternoon.

The robe from England is here. Pictures will be forthcoming after the First Sunday of Lent.

Here is something the post master and mistress may be interested in. A package mailed from Exeter England was shipped on 30th of January and arrived here on the 3rd. Granted the USPS went out of their way to deliver it on a Sunday, quite impressive. Last week the VOR shipped a package to WV, priority, and it took the same amount of time!

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Ron's Thots said...

I really think that you will enjoy preaching in your new robe. I have used a robe for several years now, and I would never want it any other way.

By the way you need to listen to the great talks given at the New Baptist Cov. Mtg. You can find them on-line. Bill Clinton's talk was great. 3 from our church attended the event, and they loved it.

Sorry about the Pats. I was rooting for Randy Moss too.