25 February 2008

Amy Sullivan Returns

During the 2004 election I enjoyed reading Amy Sullivan's commentary, but after that I hardly ever saw any articles by her.  This morning RealClearPolitics had a link to an Op-Ed piece that was in The Post, check it out for yourself.

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Ron's Thots said...

Amen--Amy Sullivan has a great article. I have been a Democrat and Evangelical for most of my years involved in the church. I love the question often asked by some ignorant person-"How can you be a Christian and a Democrat." I usually smile back and with my warmest, heartfelt voice I say "How can you not?"

I of course am joking (well a little truth there in my mind I guess), but being a seeker of the calling of Christ is even more to me than being a Democrat. Being a Democrat is how my faith is shown sometimes in how I learn to accept and understand those who are different and less fortunate than me. It is how I attempt to move my faith beyond just mere words. It is my faith in action. (Sorry this is so long)-rfm