05 February 2008

What I am Watching for today

My main concern today is the Volunteer state. I want to see how many votes Barack Obama receives there. Why? In 2006 Harold Ford, Jr. ran as the first African-American Sentor from the South since Reconstruction. He almost won against Bob Corker. The primary numbers from the 2006 Democratic primary are not that reliable, Ford ran against two lightweights. If Obama can receive a good number of Democratic voters I think that bodes well for the rest of the primary season this day. I also want to see how Obama and McCain do in upstate NY. I think Obama may even win some congressional districts in upstate. I think McCain wins big in upstate, but I wonder how wide the margain will be.

After Pancake Supper/Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday party, feast, gala event I will be glued to the tv and laptop watching returns come in.

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hawk said...

I voted for Obama today. I stood in line to get my ballot and several parishioners were behind me. All got Democrat ballots. I was impressed. Most of my parishioners seem to be talking about Huckabee and McCain whereas most of my clergy collegues support Obama (@ least the ones under 50). In my little slice of white people, there seems to be a lot of excitement about Obama. I'll be with you on the tube and on the net.

Hooded Hawk