08 February 2008

Friday Free for All

1.  With Romney out of the picture for the presidential race Obama and Clinton can focus in on McCain.  I cannot see Senator Clinton winning a national race against McCain.  I can see Obama winning against McCain but I don't think it will be easy.  

I would still run the race, if I were Obama, as the candidate who can unite the country.  Then he would have to develop a some different notions of what we are going to unite the country to do.  I think McCain could also run a campaign that he is the candidate to unite the country.  McCain could also run a campaign that could significantly change the party's future projection.  I would like to see him as a Nelson Rockefeller without the affair that devastated his run for the White House; I would like to compare Rockefeller's policies with McCain's - my hunch is that they are not too far apart, I would say Obama's and Clinton's are not that far a part from Rockefeller's either.  

2.  Tomorrow is #1's 7th birthday party; it is a kitten tea party.  How one is to combine a kitten and a tea party no one knows, however, we are doing it.  I am making some peach ice cream, #1 requested it.  

3.  Last night #3 mounted a major a skirmish in the going to sleep theatre.  The VOR started around 7:30 with the usual nursing accompanied with gentle rocking routine.  #3 would not go to sleep.  The VOR put him to bed and he jumped up crying.  The VOR tried to put him back down but no go.  The onus was then put on me.  I tried for an hour, no go.  Back to the VOR she tried, no go.  Back to me, I had to resort to Operation Lock Down; a method I have perfected.  I hold both hands (if not he wiggles his fingers) in one hand, with the other hand I cradle his head against my chest (if not he will turn his head left and right) and I hold both legs in my arm (if not he wriggles his toes).  This will get the child frustrated but eventually he goes to sleep.  This method is based on a story my father once told me about how the break in horses in the west.  They dig a large hole, back fill all the dirt then soak it down.  They then take a wild horse and place it in the mud.  The horse kicks for a short while then eventually gives up and is broken in. Only it seems that you only have to do this to a horse once in a lifetime; I have to resort to Operation Lockdown at least once a night.  

Yet I know the is coming when #3  will sleep all night by himself, right now his nightly tussles are just the minor battles - for the war has been won, he knows it but he still puts up a valiant effort.

4.  When you have young children you miss all kinds of stuff: the latest movie, concerts, plays, television shows, etc.  Yesterday while writing my sermon I was looking for a quote by Bono when I realized that I missed his address at the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast.  If you have young kids and totally missed this too, take a gander - worth you time.

And go here for a transcript.

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