25 February 2008

Review, Eggs, Flags, 10 down 90 to go, and Kids

The Sigg Metro Mug is a big hit. It accompanied me to my Providence office. I also snuck in some contraband (a homemade scone) to make sure I had the right ambiance.  
While driving around town today I noticed that the local RCC had three Lenten flags flying. I think that is a pretty cool idea.
On Sunday our neighbors, The Sausage Eating Vegetarians, stopped by and gave us a dozen eggs.  As the sun rays continue to straighten out the hens have started to lay like crazy.  Have you ever wondered what is the difference between farms fresh eggs and store bought, well you are in luck:
This afternoon I finished #10, 90 to go. It looks like I will not get my targeted 8.333 books for the month. However, I may get five if I am lucky. I am happy with this number considering it is a short month, #3 was up for more than 1/2 of the month, and I was down sick for a good week. The book, Wondrous Depth was a good choice - a short review can be found on library thing to your immediate right.

The kids were out today riding their bikes in the church parking lot.
Finally, the other day while we were walking over to the church lot, the kids love to play in the mounds of snow after the lot is plowed, #2 noticed all of the limbs the last storm blew over. The snow, about four inches, covered up enough of the ground to cause great consternation stated in his voice when he looked at his mother and said; Mommy when did all these trees come up out of the ground, this is crazy! Judge for yourself:

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