01 January 2008

2007 Lessons Learned

This being the first day of year of our Lord 2008 I thought I would offer some prudent observations I learnt from the previous year.
1.  In order to prevent the constant losing of my wallet and keys designate one spot for keys and wallet.  Every evening when I come home I place my keys and wallet in their designated spots.   This actually works folks.

2.  Regardless of how much is in the tank, always fill the vehicles full of gasoline on Fridays.  

3.  The congregation knows when I am attempting to "wing" it.

4.  It is best to park the vehicles facing the road (and thus the morning sun) in the winter so that the frost on the windshield melts.

5.  Eating a large meal will disrupt my sleep for the evening regardless of how I pace the meal.  It is better to go to bed hungry than full.

6.  My original fright of preaching longer than 10 minutes is unjustified.  Some of my best sermons this year were easily longer than 22 minutes.  

7.  The Sound of Music is not as bad as previously thought.

8.  The French idea of meal: first a mixed greens salad followed by the main course of meat and potatoes is better than having a green vegetable with the meal.

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