25 January 2008

First Sale & Pinto Beans & A New Definition of a Watch Tower

The VOR made her first sale from her etsy shop, a customer from Norway.

Last night the VOR made Pinto Beans and Cornbread.  Growing up I refused to eat Pinto Beans. But life changes your taste-buds.  The wife soaks them overnight, then cooks them with garlic, onions, salt and pepper (if you want some spice, occasionally she will add a jalapeno).  The secret to the beans was a three chunks of the country ham, oh man it was pure heaven.

The corn bread came from a recipe in the best one volume vegetarian cookbook I know of.  I would have added bacon grease, corn cornels and perhaps some jalapeno. 

I only mention this recipe because it is part of a reoccurring theme in my life: re-evaluation of my past, both religiously, culturally and gastronomically.  Religiously: wanting to have a centered pulpit, sermon at the last of the service, longer sermons, an invitation to the faith/discipleship; culturally: learning to play the fiddle, loving mountain music; gastronomically: pinto beans, chopped or minute steak.  

The interesting part is re-evaluating with a new outcome.  Surprises keep emerging.

Today me and #3 played with Lincoln Logs.  #2 built a watch tower, he said it was a place that sells jewelry. 

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