30 January 2008

Giuliana as Attorney General, a new possibility

Big exits today. Edwards withdrawal from the race has me scratching my head. I must believe his wife's cancer and treatments need his attention. Why else would he withdrawal, not being able to keep poverty front and center as an issue - at least through super tuesday. I look for him to endorse Obama. The Giuliana withdrawal is no big surprise, but his endorsement of McCain and McCain's warm words for him most certainly alludes to some kind of spot in a McCain administration - if he is the nominee and the 44th.

The New Baptist Covenant begins today. On the one hand I long to be there, on the other hand that many Baptist gathered together in one place makes me a little leery. I am interested to see what news is generated from the event. I had planned to go but events in the late fall shifted my availability. My prayers are with the gathering.

My goal of 8.3333 books for the month of January came up a bit short (100/12). I read 7.something (even though one week of sleepless nights and sickness prevented me from reading at all.) I am quite happy with that number and look to make up the number in February. Initial lessons learned: sticking with a book and reading it from front to back is well worth it, even if the book is sub-par; the more I read the thicker my sermons and ideas become; I enjoy picking up on an author's use of language and their favorite words; finally, reading begets more reading...

We are weaning #3 from night time nursing. The VOR and I take turns, shifts, nights getting up and rocking him to sleep. Last night #3 got up at 9:00pm and not again till 4:42am. I mention this because a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to wean myself from coffee. After one morning of a headache, fuzzy brain and sluggish feet I had a Steve McCroskey epiphany: Looks like I picked the wrong time to quit caffeine. Give me a couple of weeks so I can slowly switch over to tea and I'll get there.

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hawk said...

Edwards probably withdrew to deflect attention from Hillary's public relations "win" in Florida, and I agree with you that he will endorse Obama (I too will endorse Obama).

I saw Obama live on Sunday and was impressed. He is using revivalist techniques to rile up the crowd and his speech was more sermon than "state of the union." He seemed a bit tired and he has to be exhausted in that he is preaching nonstop. There was a moment when the congressman (Artur Davis) introducing Obama asked everyone in the crowd who was not around in 1963 to sit down. Then he said, "How many of you still standing would have thought in 1963 that you would be in an auditorium in Birmingham, Alabama, with 11,000 white, black, and others from across the racial spectrum about to listen to a speech by a black man who could be your next president."

It was a powerful moment. When Obama finally came out on the stage, I noticed an old black couple sitting near me both had tears streaming down their faces.