04 January 2008

A Possible Scenario whereby Huckabee comes in 2nd in NH

Last night was something else. I didn't go to sleep till after midnight, watched PBS, read some news stories online and then finally went to bed.

I want to present a hypothetical scenario for a surprising Huckabee 2nd place finish in NH.

What if the majority of Independents vote for Obama, taking a large percentage away from McCain. This would creates a smaller number of voters for those on the Republican side. Then, if in five short days Huckabee can convince the folk of NH that he is not a religious nut ball, because most folk see any Baptists are religious nut balls. But there is the existence of old Yankee Protestantism in NH, would they vote for a Southern Baptist, that is a tough one. If I extrapolate from my experience here in RI I find some of the old school Yankees somewhat enthralled with Huck. but they love McCain. There is a chance for Huck to place 2nd. Then roll into SC.


Ron's Thots said...

The flaw in your scenario concerning Huckabee is that he is a "religious nut ball". He is so tied to the religious right of the SBC that he scares the bejeebizes out of me. I am glad that Huckabee beat Romney in Iowa(or as he likes to say they gave him a silver), but I sure hope that Huckabee loses big in NH.

You might also want to examine Huckabee's tax plan. You talk about a disaster for the nation, this would be it. The Republicans need someone better than Huckabee. I could live with a McCain before having a religious- right fruit in the White House, again.

G. Travis Norvell said...


I totally agree with you. Please don't confuse my interest in the story with an endorsement of the candidate. I was simply offering a possible scenario for next week. I don't think it will happen but who knows.

I still hope Edwards can gain some traction before on or Super Duper Woo Wee Tuesday.

hawk said...

Huckabee could also point out that John McCain now claims to be a baptist:


Therefore, whether voting for Huckabee or McCain, you're still voting for a baptist or at least a person who has chosen to worship in a baptist church for the past 15years.

G. Travis Norvell said...


Do you think he is a Bush type of religious person? Raised Episcopalian, had a Methodist born-again experience and worshipped at a UMC in Austin but now worships at Camp David at the Esp. chapel. Do you think McCain parlays the Baptist side of life but is at heart an Anglican? Just thinking.

hawk said...

My guess is McCain is a diest who gains some form of comfort by attending "religious" services with his baptist wife. In his early career it was preferable to be identified with the military brand of Episcopalianism that dominated the services for 200 years. Now, being identified as a baptist is more prestigious for a Republican. "Don't episcobals support those gays."

I think he's a deist by the way he describes his faith. There's not alot of talk of Jesus but more talk of "purpose greater than self" and "religion helps us strive to be better than we would otherwise be."

If he has been born again, wouldn't he have been dunked after 15 years of attending a baptist church?

Also, George W. Bush attended First Presbyterian in Midland while he was growing up. He was baptized in the Episcopal church, formed and confirmed in the Presbyterian church, and born again with the Methodists. For some reason the Bushes didn't warm up to the Episcopal church in Midland, and attended the Presbyterian church for a time while the children were growing up.