07 January 2008

Edwards as Attorney General

This is just a hunch.  I am sure John Edwards, my candidate of choice, can see that the momentum of Obama is simply too much to hold back.  So what is he doing still in the race? Here is my presumption: staying in the race Edwards siphons off votes from Clinton, not Obama. Therefore Obama has pledged the Attorney General position to Edwards if he stays in the race past South Carolina. 

Edwards, being a former senator, would have easy confirmation; he could more effectively carry out his campaign against corporate America.  I think this would be a great fit for him and even create a legacy.  


Ron's Thots said...

Great idea! Edwards would make a wonderful AG. It will be interesting who Obama might pick for the VP position.

Of course there is a long way to go yet in this race. The Clintons are not known as people who lose. They are fighters, and they will fight and struggle every way they can until there is no hope of victory.

Tripp Hudgins said...

That is an interesting idea...We could use a good AG. And a populist may be the way to go.