30 January 2008

The Wreck

Like many of you I too have been in my share fair of fender benders, but nothing tops the experience from yesterday. After a visit in Providence I headed home via I-95. I-95 for RI is both the main thoroughfare from West Warwick to the Mass border after Pawtucket and the major artery for the east coast. As I neared the portion where the Providence Place Mall is, I began to slow down as traffic congested and thickened. I was traveling perhaps 20mph. All of the sudden a minivan in front of me slammed on its brakes. I slammed mine on, but could not stop. I skidded and saw the back of the van coming at an alarming rate. Then Boom. I hit the van. The traffic is thicker than fudge, all kind of zipping and zooming by of automobiles, we cannot pull over. The driver of the van gets out! I look for my emergency flashers, cannot find them. He looks at the back of his van, then comes to my window. "Hey man, I checked first to see if my kids are okay, they are. There is nothing wrong with my car and nothing wrong with your truck. Lets get out of here." Indeed there was nothing wrong with either automobile. So I shifted into 1st gear, he put his van in drive and off we went. Amazing. I still can not believe it, I barely have a neck ache today. Thanks be to God is all I can say, and yet that sounds pretty lame.

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Woody said...

Glad to hear ya'll came out of it without any harm to flesh or metal. I had a woman hit my truck on a parking lot recently. I hadn't noticed anything until I was heading off down the road. A note was under my wiper. I stopped to see what it was when she pulled up behind me to explain herself before I even had a chance to read the note. Refreshing to see honest concern on her part. There was just a bit of her paint on my bumper. No harm, no foul.