07 January 2008

What a Weekend

Since the NH debates were on ABC I was able to watch them back-to-back. After putting #3 down for bed, the VOR nestled up beside me and sarcastically commented how romantic it was to be watching debates on a Saturday night.

I thought Edwards' passion was a welcomed highlight. I also like Obama's rebuttal that words do matter. It made me think of the time Leonard Sweet (who is from Greenbrier County WV by the way, he also simultaneously completed his MDiv from CRDS and his PhD from the Univ. of Rochester) came to BTSR for a lecture series. Somewhere he talked about the beginning of creation as described in Genesis and went off on a poetical tangent how the first act of creation was a wavelength that produced a new creation. I think Obama is onto something when he insists that words are important, they do have power and life and the possibility of creating something new just by uttering them.

Yesterday we, LRBC, said goodbye to our organist/choirmaster. He took a new position as a soloists at another church in the state. We are going to miss him terribly. He was a great talent, great to work with and a great presence. He taught me just how important music is to worship and how quality music, with forethought and intentionality can enhance worship to levels I couldn't/can't think of. I cannot blame him for taking the new position, great pay, more exposure and opportunities to record. We sent him off in good fashion. I hold dear to some valuable CPE learning: the two hardest things to do in life are hellos and goodbyes, all the stuff in between is a piece of cake. A good goodbye allows the departing parties to say a good hello. I believe that and hold fast to it.

This morning I placed my order for the new preaching gown, double breasted cassock, and preaching tabs. The order will be here in about six to eight weeks; the measurements go to England for and then will be shipped here, I hope the order arrives for Easter! Here is a sample of what I hope to look like:

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