17 January 2008

A few MLK, Jr. Resources

This Sunday we will celebrate the Commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr.  This year, since the organist/choirmaster is not with us, the music will be low key.  The most specific part I do in the service dealing with Dr. King is the Children's Moment.  This year I will be reading Martin's Big Words.  If you haven't read this book to your kids, you really need it to.  I have yet to meet a kid it doesn't move.

You can also download the I Have a Dream Speech by going here.  

My alma mater, for whatever reasons, has never fully funded the MLK, Jr. Chair.  The full funding of this endowed chair will fully concretize the Black Church Studies Program.  I thought about what can I do to help out.  On my own and with a pastor's salary, not much.  But I can cook and I can cook a meal that New Englanders do not eat on a regular basis.  So come this Spring I am having a breakfast with all proceeds going to the MLK, Jr. chair.  More info forthcoming as it develops.  All are invited and all are invited to give.

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