15 January 2008

Open for Business

For several months now the VOR has been, whenever she has a few minutes, developing a new business.  She began a few years ago making baby slings for herself and for her friends and relatives.  Folk often wanted to buy them but she did not have the time to dedicate to selling them.  As time passed she began to fiddle more with her sewing machine and started to come up with some pretty cool ideas.  Last Fall she asked the Health teacher at #1's school if she would save all of the Juice Pouches for her.  Once a week the health teacher would deliver around 100 juice pouches.  The VOR started turning them into all kinds of stuff: totes, lunch bags, change purses, belts, etc.  But lots of people make these and they are a pain to clean, dry and put together, so she started tinkering with fabric remnants and came up with totes and bags as her new thing.  She sold stuff to friends, entered a couple of art shows and now has a shop, Sassy Stitches, up and running at etsy.

Last night she uploaded a couple of juice pouch bags and will soon be announcing her Spring Line.

Go over and peruse.

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