10 January 2008

What to do Now

Some people like the Super Bowl, Masterpiece Theatre or the latest reality show, me, I like Presidential Primaries.  I crave them to an almost unhealthy degree.  I really need to think about moving to the Central Time Zone just so I can go to bed at a normal time and still watch the news and such.  

The events of Tuesday were surprising.  What will Edwards do now?  I hope he does stay till the Convention.  Who knows how his number of delegates could play out?  As David Brooks said: what else has he to do?  But should he do at his wife's and family's expense?  Given that Richardson has now dropped out the field debate is quite limited.  I hope Edwards does continue on to hopefully shape the conversation in some way.  If for nothing else then to remind the other candidates what true passion is.   

I cannot believe I am saying this but I actually agree with Karl Rove, his opinion in the Wall Street Journal actually makes good sense.  So what must Obama do now?  If female voters are/will side with Clinton where is Oprah then?  I would look for Oprah to be more of a presence between now and Super Tuesday.  I also think if he goes back to hone in his Jefferson Jackson Day speech he did Iowa a stronger message may emerge.  

Thanks to my esteemed brother of the cloth, the most high rev'd down in Birmingham, I have been instructed to look at Real Clear Politics.  It is a great summation of news, polls and such.

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