31 January 2008

Wake Up Call

The other day in fiddle class, a member brought a piece of music they had just heard for the first time. The teacher played it, all thought it was lovely but had no idea what it was. It was Be Thou My Vision. I stood there stunned, how in the world could the people there not know this hymn?

I was never a regular church-goer until high school, since then the majority of Sundays have been spent in a church somewhere. I even think of myself as having an ear and knowing spirit for those unfamiliar with church. I make sure worship is open and welcoming and even though the service is a bit high for a Baptist church I believe newbies can slip into it quite easily after a Sunday or two. But sometimes you develop blinders and forget that most folk are not in church on a Sunday morning.

Now the interesting part is not that folk do not go to church, but that when the person from fiddle class went, she loved the music and thought it was one of the most beautiful she ever heard. That is the promising part. I am not ready to give up on hymns, or congregational singing. In fact I want to spend more time developing some quality new hymns that speak to your soul and cause your heart to sing too. This can be done. I am thinking more along the lines of taking modern music and hymnifying them. What that exactly means is still a work in progress, give me some time on this one.

By the way, it appears I will be making my first public fiddle playing appearance this Spring during the concert series. My teacher and her band will be playing and part of the deal is that i have to play too! Oh brother...

Sermon is done. A preparatory sermon for Lent, not giving into the temptation to God's abiding and constant presence. I will post it after Sunday, between now and Sunday morning there will be some editing and minor sentence changes. I also hope to have it up as a podcast on Monday, now, now, just sit on those hands to keep from waving to everybody - I cannot make any promises.

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