17 January 2008

State of the Church Address

This Sunday is time for the Annual Meeting; back in Athens I began delivering the State of Church Address on the Sunday of the Annual Meeting.  The first one I did a gentlemen took notes, I couldn't believe it.  

My address this year will focus on Evangelism, I feel that is the major area the congregation needs to focus on.  The challenge will be to develop an indigenous model of evangelism that works for this specifically for this congregation in this community and area.   I cannot see simply adopting what FBC of where ever is doing will work here or to quote RWE, "to imitate is suicide."  I do not think there is a model, method or way of doing evangelism that works across the board.  Instead folk have to listen to what stories bubble up of God's presence in their lives and then figure out how to articulate and share that with others.  

We'll see how it goes.

On a side note: while visiting people at homes or in the church office I become aware of irritants that cause an allergic reaction: cats and most forms of perfume that a majority of retired women in this area use.  I can usually only be present for about 15 minutes before my eyes start itching crazy.   

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