31 December 2007

Ham Desalination and Perhaps the best leftover Brunch Recipe

The Ham for Christmas dinner was fantastic!  I first washed and scrubbed it, then soaked it overnight before cooking it.  I hoped the local butcher shop would cut it for me, but they said no way (all I wanted them to do was cut the hock and shoulder off).  So I went out into the garage, located my coping saw and cut the hock off and left the majority of the shoulder on.

I knew, even after soaking it for 18 hours, it would still be too salty for the VOR and the kids.  I remembered while in NC one time reading on some ham steaks to fry them in a skillet with some water to remove some of the salt.  So I cut some razor thin pieces of the ham and fried them in about a half inch of water.  I flipped them several times, then washed them, added more water, repeating this process five or six times.  I couldn't get over how well it washed the salt out.  The VOR said it was one of the best hams she ever had!

Since only two adults, two kids and one junkyard dog (#3) ate this 16lbs ham there was a considerable amount of leftovers.  I cut major portions and froze them for beans and soups. The rest I carved and put in freezer bags.  On the morning of the 26th I got around to reading the NYTimes Wednesday Dining Section and discovered the baked egg recipe.  So I quickly butter a small Fiesta dish we got for Xmas, placed some hame and English Cheddar, then topped it off with an egg - WOW what a breakfast.  I have had this now five mornings (yes my veins are shrinking but lord is it delicious).  Try it, you will not be disappointed.

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