06 December 2007

Some Thoughts on Presidential Politics

First, my prediction of Mr. Huckabee as the dark horse candidate for the Republican nomination is coming true. As I listened to Huckabee I think he took a page right out of the Clinton camp and reversed it: he is sounding like a Democrat. This is my thought: he realizes that the nation is not leaning Republican, so sound more like the other side and see what happens. I don't really think that is his intention, but I do think it may be at play at some level.

As I listened to the Democrats for the NPR debate I kept thinking at how paternalistic they are towards the middle class. They keep talking about the manufacturing base for the American economy as vital for the survival of the middle class. Are manufacturing jobs the best middle class folk can strive for here in America? Is the great investment in Americans with education, health care, public parks, highways, etc for a person to work at a shop making blue jeans every working day for 40 years? I would want Americans to dream bigger than that, to have a level of enjoyment, prosperity and financial security. We are a talented nation, we should have an educational system and economy that supports and lifts up creativity and let it strive.

My father worked at a bricklayer, his body after 30 years was worn out: knees shot (he couldnt go fishing) shoulder gone (could barely throw a baseball) and was in many ways tired. Is that what we want our economy to do its workers?

Come on Democrats quit sounding so paternalistic and idealizing the middle class and come up with some inspiring and uplifting visions.

If you haven't read Woody's latest post on Snickers, you must, you must!
I'm glad Ron found Woody's blog, it is great stuff.


Ron: any thoughts on which candidate(s) is impressing folk in WV?


Now off to wrestle with Isaiah.


Ron's Thots said...

I don't really know what to expect here in WV. Most voters have tired of the whole thing. Dems and Reps say a lot, but do so little. As a general rule I would imagine Edwards would do well here if he survives that long. Clinton will have a hard time. I don't know about Obama. Younger, educated folks seem to lean toward Obama.
I am not sure of what Republican would hit a fancy here except maybe for Huckabee or Thompson. Both of those folks have a load of problems. Romeny was at the State Fair this year and had some problems from folks about his faith.

Woody said...

Thanks for the kind words...