26 December 2007


Odd being in RI for Xmas and not in WV. Odd to have a big meal but just the five of us to eat it. Odd indeed.

Xmas went over well here. The kids were more excited by the thank you note Santa left than their toys and more excited about their stocking stuffers than their presents. They enjoyed.

First, the kids with Santa (#3 was having nothing to do with the man).We, by we I mean the VOR, made some party mix (with nearly a cup of bacon grease, aka renderings) delicious candy this year: peppermint bark, turtles, yogurt pretzels, corn flake clusters, chocolate covered peanuts, and 7 layered cookies. Here is a picture of the aftermath:Also, on the 23rd Sylven came over with the table! More pictures forth coming, but for right now here is a snippet:While waiting for the table to be delivered I walked outside to examine the bees (does not look good - losing about 50 a day. They are not eating properly and the mites are getting them). As I walked about in the yard I noticed that the maple leaves had melted into the snow creating a beautiful imprint:

The kids were angels in this years Xmas pageant. The Xmas Eve service, at 11:00pm was packed - I could not believe it, who stays awake that late on Xmas Eve? It was your standard Lessons and Carols. Over the week I have been listening to some songs by Steve Earle, Tom Waitts, U2 and Johnny Cash which made me think of a different style of lessons and carols - but how to you transition music that you listen to to congregational songs (this is one of my life goals).

The VOR's birthday is today, she tells stories of family forgetting her birthday, having presents wrapped in xmas paper and always getting a cake her dad liked more than she did. I took the kids (just #1 & #2) out shopping on Saturday for coffee (they got hot chocolate with whipped cream), then some wine for xmas dinner (they looked at amazement at all the bottles) mom's surprise xmas gift (they loved the croaking frog key chains) and mom's birthday present (for some odd reason they loved the dark brown and orange selections). #2 has a hard time with keeping secrets. He told me as we exited the van, "Hey dad, I can keep important secrets." Later that day he revealed to mom that we went to a jewelry store, but he didn't say what we purchased. Later on he said' "Hey mom, "I can't tell you what you got, but you can wear them on your ears."

In preparation for the birthday I finally got around to printing a picture for the VOR's locket. I found that if you print out a contact sheet of prints it will work perfect. Here is the picture I took for the locket, probably the best one of all three together:
More on the ham (by ham I mean the country ham, not one of the kids) later...


Ron's Thots said...

Love the pic of 1,2 & 3. Glad you had such a good Christmas. For us we try to make everything last for the full 12 days, but alas we cannot find our jobs and such to cooperate.

Our Christmas Dinner went well. There were 26 at our home for Christmas Dinner, and we did a nine course dinner. This will be the last for that-way too expensive and too much work. I made Hot-buttered Rum for the first time, and it was a great drink.

Happy Holidays. (I just love to say that because it just makes some so angry. I guess it is my dark side.)

G. Travis Norvell said...


could you please post here or on your blog exactly what one has for a nine course meal?

All my wife and I can think of is your cabbage with bacon grease and bacon and your wife's delicious cardamom rolls! Any time I mention your blog LKN says ahh cardamom rolls.

I wonder if you could come up with an even more generic greeting than happy holidays? I bet there is something even more irritating...

Being so close to Boston we pick up most of their local channels, right now they are flooded with NH commercials. I think the Hillary and Rudy ones are terrible. The Romney ones are even worse. the Obama one kinda boring and the Huckabee one - everyone loves it and folk seem to like the McCain ad. Oh well. Just a few more days to go.

Ron's Thots said...

1st Course-Appetizers
2nd Course-Tossed Salad in Parmesan Cheese Bowl
3rd Course-Red Pepper Soup
4th Course-Farfalle Pasta w/Mushrooms, Aspar. & walnuts
5th Course-Fish (Poached Salmon with Pineapple-Peach Salsa
6th Course-Lemon Sorbet
7th Course-Main Course (Beef Tenderloin, Glazed ham, Scallopped Oysters, various veges
8th Course-Cheese/Apple/Orange palate Cleanser
9th Course-Dessert (Snow Pudding w/custard & Chocolate Moose)

For NH I root for Chris Dood to do well, but know that will not happen. I can live with Barak. Hope McCain is Rep. winner. No To Romney or Huckabee or Rudy.

G. Travis Norvell said...


One more question: how long did it take to eat the 9 courses?

Ron's Thots said...

Getting ready for a Bible Study tonight at the West Point church I found your question. We started dinner with appetizers at 6:30 pm and finished by 10:30 pm with the desserts and after-dinner drinks.

I see I misspelled Dodd. Chris Dodd, not Chris Dood. Check out our farm website at www.creighberhillfarm.com for some more Chrismtas pics. Some Christmas Pics there as well as on the blog.