13 December 2007

The 2007 List

It is now time for the much anticipated List of 2007 Experiences.

Special note, these are discoveries and experiences I had, if for instance a cd was recorded in 1974 but I discovered it in 2007 it will be on the list.

Category I: Biblioteca
Best Children's Book: (a tie) Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rapaport and Zuzu's Wishing Cake by D.B. Johnson.
Best Non-Fiction (in general): Heat by Bill Buford
Best Non-Fiction (biography): Tunney by Jack Cavanaugh
Best Mystery: The Way Through the Woods by Colin Dexter
Best Essay: The God You Touch by Ann Ulanov
Best Professional Book: The Jazz of Preaching by Kirk Jones

Category II: Gastronomical
Best New Recipe:
The No Knead Bread
Best Spirit: Laphroaig 25 year
Best Meal: Boeuf a la Bourguignon at Pot Au Feu

Category III: Wildcard
Most Life Changing Event: "The Surgery"
Most Anticipated Event that Didn't Come to Fruition: The Release of American VI
Best Decision: To go ahead with vacation even though the van broke down in Maryland.
Biggest Surpise: Cask Ale

Category IV: Audiophile
Best CD: From the Plantation to the Penitentiary by Wynton Marsails
Best New Find: Elvis Costello (The other day while reading a review of Juno in the Times they described Jason Bateman's character as such: "while Mark tends the guttering flame of his youthful hipness, watching cult horror movies and trading alternative-rock mix CDs with Juno." And after reading Lady and Dr. Burg's best music of 2007 I realized that I just dont have the time or energy to keep up with new music, when I try to read Pitchfork Media it is just too much. So I have resigned to simply keeping up with known quantities and then searching the archives for in my world, lost treasures.

Finally, What I Can't Get Over a few weeks ago I referred to a Letterman joke about President Bush being a member of the Chuck Norris Fan Club. Since then, when I puruse the sitemeter findings it reveals that an ungodly amount of people are actually searching for the chuck norris fan club and are being directed to my blog.

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