19 December 2007

Second Hand Cursing

Golfing one day in college with a man and his son I heard the son say darn it after an errant shot. The dad replied, "Son you know how I feel about second-hand-cursing." I had never heard that phrase before in my life, still have yet to hear anyone else ever use it.

In the Sunday Times magazine there was perhaps one of the greatest usages of second hand cursing I have ever read. The cover story on Mike Huckabee contained some information by a reporter from Little Rock. The reporter said Huckabee would not swear but did have a cunning way of using vulgar language: instead of saying someone was full of *&%$, Huckabee would say the person was constipated. I thought that was pretty clever. I'm still not going to vote for him, but I do admire his cleverness.

here is the paragraph I am referencing:
Huckabee, on one wellremembered occasion, banned an alternative newspaper, The Arkansas Times, from the services of the governor’s press office. His usual weapon, though, has been his sharp tongue. Huckabee is never profane — one of his first acts as governor was to ban swearing and inappropriate sexual remarks by his staff — but he has a way of expressing himself that sometimes flirts with vulgarity. ‘‘Once he told a group of journalists that I was constipated,’’ John Brummett recalls. ‘‘That was his way of saying I was full of [expletive].’’

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